22 Nov 2020

Pensions for Doctors living and working in the UK

Doctors who work in the NHS can avail of a pension scheme- read on for more.

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19 Nov 2020

ProMedical awarded the new Workforce Alliance Framework

We at ProMedical are proud to announce we have been awarded a place on the new Workforce Alliance - Clinical and Healthcare Staffing Framework.

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18 Nov 2020

Consultant Workforce - Shortages and Solutions

There is no doubt the UK faces a staffing crisis, we looked at the recent BMA report about staffing shortages and solutions, read on to find out what the report concluded.

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9 Nov 2020

Six Steps in Successful Leadership

Now more than ever, good leaders are needed, as we face a winter like no other. Read on to discover our Six Steps to Successful Leadership.

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5 Nov 2020

Keeping Positive during Lockdown

Exploring the range of methods used to maintain positive mental health during lockdown-read our blog here.

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29 Oct 2020

World Online Networking Day 2020

World Online Networking Day 2020 is a celebration of Online Business Networking across the world, read on here.

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